Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Life and Death of an Ice Cream Sampler

Have you ever walked into an ice cream shop and couldn't decide what to get because everything looked soooo good? That's what happened to us at Oscar's on Perkins.

Thankfully, the girl behind the counter knew just what to do: make us a sampler.

So you may be asking yourself, "Just what is a sampler?" Good question! It's one scoop of every type of ice cream lovingly placed into a large cup, dabbed with some whipped cream, and topped with a cherry. It feeds two and a half. All this for about $6. Not too shabby!

And now I would like to present to you my rendition of:

"The Life and Death of an Ice Cream Sampler"
by Bobby Tanory.

(By the way, this is more of a picture book than a wordy book.)

Introduction: Do Me A Flavor

Anne ran up to the counter to check out the flavors. If we had let her, she would have climbed all the way over the counter and helped herself.

[Picture: Annie checks out the flavors]

So I picked her up to give her a peek. And, oh, what's this!?

[Picture: Flavors!]

There was a whole other section, too. And it had all my favorites! Can't decide which flavor! Flavor overload!

Chapter One: And So It Begins

Sampler? Yes, please!

[Picture: The first scoops are... scooped]

Chapter Two: The Plot Thickens

This was our happy helper. Thanks again!

[Picture: Our happy helper]

Chapter Three: Rising Action

[Picture: Getting bigger...]

[Picture: The final scoop]

Want some whipped cream? Why not?!

[Picture: Whipped cream? Why not!]

Cherry on top? But of course!

[Picture: Cherries Jubilee!]

Chapter Four: The Climax

Om nom nom nom!

[Picture: Feed me, Seymour!]

Chapter Five: Falling Action

[Picture: It's going fast!]

Chapter Six: Denouement

[Picture: All gone!]

What do you mean it's all gone???

[Picture: Noooo!]


Did I mention that Oscar's is also a pizza shop? We sampled two pizzas from the pizzeria before hitting the ice cream parlor up. It was worth the calories.

Going back to the Tanory Tantrum Food Outing days, I had to ask our server why the place was called "Oscar's". Apparently Oscar's got its name from one of the owners, who was called Oscar in high school because he was grouchy. What better way to beat being grouchy than opening up your own pizza and ice cream shop?

In conclusion, go to Oscar's for the pizza, then drop by their ice cream parlor to get an ice cream sampler. Ask them to not add the "bubblegum" sample but instead add two scoops of butter pecan. Then remember to leave a comment and tell us want you think.

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