Friday, February 12, 2010

2010 Calendar

Every Christmas I make a calendar for my mom. This year's theme was Holidays. And instead of photoshopping my brother into every picture, I tried to fit my soon-to-be broseph-in-law, John Bobby, into as many pictures as I could.

Welcome to the family, JB!

For the cover, I used a picture that I originally intended to be used for December. When we printed the calendars I ended up cropping out the "Merry Christmas!" and just using my brother and I showing our "packages." Betty thought this picture was inappropriate, but I thought it was funny.

[Picture: The cover]


[Picture: January]


[Picture: February]


[Picture: March]


[Picture: April]


[Picture: May]


[Picture: June]


[Picture: July]

All of the pictures that make up the July collage were taken when we went to see my incredibly gifted cousin, Ben McGehee, play piano at the X-Treme Pianos show at the Beau Rivage. Not only was Ben awesome, but it's amazing that we got so many source pics for the calendar in one night!


[Picture: August]

I was originally going to use a picture of a woman giving birth, and having our kids' heads coming out of the hoo-hoo, but couldn't find a good enough source pic. And believe me, I looked for hours. At least that's what I told Betty I was doing all those dark, lonely nights creating this calendar.


[Picture: September]


[Picture: October]

The tombstone says "RIP Single Life, 1981-2010", referencing the years that my sister was single. She's getting married this year... unless John Bobby dumps her because I keep photoshopping him into the family calendar.


[Picture: November]


[Picture: December]

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