Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Around the World in 80 Days

My company is doing a walking challenge. The goal is for the company as a whole to walk the length of the world three times. In order to track our steps, they've given us all pedometers, and at the end of the day we're supposed to log our steps on a website.

Who would have thought that having a pedometer could be so much fun?

At first I wanted to walk as much as possible to get the "highest score" on my pedometer. But after a while that feeling wore off, and then my software developer's instincts kicked in and I started trying to find the most efficient path from one place to another.

Since having my pedometer, I've learned that it's 67 steps from my cubicle to the nearest restroom, 54 steps from my cubicle to the candy bucket, 43 steps from my cubicle to the coffee machine, and 3 steps to get in position to launch a bunched up paper ball at one of my cubicle neighbors.

But being the most efficient walker isn't the point of the challenge. I needed a way to rack up steps but still continue to be a lazy bastard, and fast.

Enter: the daughter.

My daughter, like any other toddler, is a ball of endless energy. She doesn't just run around the house all day... she sprints around the house. One of her favorite things to do is run at full speed from the kitchen to my chair and throw herself on it, then run back into the kitchen, rinse and repeat.

So one day while she wasn't looking, I strapped my pedometer to her pants and told her to go run around. Here's a picture with her sporting my fancy pedometer.

[Picture: Anne with her pedometer]

I had previous racked up 7,352 steps from three days of wearing a pedometer. If that seems a little low, keep in mind that two of those days involved driving back and forth from Baton Rouge to Houston.

And in two hours of wearing my pedometer, the pedometer logged 2,498 steps.

Since my daughter technically has my DNA, that means that her steps are fair game to log on the walking challenge website. Right?

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