Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lundi Gras

We took a break from the parades on Monday (aka, Lundi Gras) to rest up for Super Tuesday, and decided to go to the aquarium. But there was just one problem - the aquarium, like all of the Audubon parks, are closed on Mondays.

So instead we went to the Children's Museum. Anne loves the Children's Museum, but I think I love it more than she does. I mean, where else can you find a horse made entirely out of cardboard?

[Picture: Card board horse - attack!]

Seriously, never before has someone been able to sculpt the pure essence that is horse genitals out of cardboard so beautifully. Believe me, I know what I'm talking about here. This one is good.

Betty dressed her and Anne exactly alike. And I mean exactly - from the pink undershirts to the blue jumpsuits, it was like something from the Royal Tenenbaums. She said she didn't do it on purpose, but I think Betty got tired of everyone saying how Anne looked exactly like me, so she decided to have them both dress up in the same clothes. Betty is sneaky like that.

[Picture: Twinkies!]

The Children's Museum says that they sanitize their toys every night, but then how can they explain this: I caught crabs at the Children's Museum! This was actually the second time on our trip to New Orleans that I caught crabs. I blame the cardboard horse.

[Picture: Crabs!]

When we got back from the Children's Museum we watched the Olympics. I like the Snowboard Cross. Anne wore her cousin David's hat (which was made in China, I assume) to commemorate the first Chinese gold medal in the Figure Skating - Pairs competition.

[Picture: Go USA! Buy more hats from China!]

Then it was off to bed, because Mardi Gras is Mommy's "Lunar Birthday." Betty was born on Mardi Gras day, so we celebrate her birthday on Mardi Gras as well as on her real birthday, as well as whenever else she tells us to celebrate her birthday. (Can you tell that I'm jealous?)

On Tuesday morning we celebrated Betty's Lunar Birthday by eating some king cake. Anne helped her blow out the candles.

[Picture: My two beauties!]

Then I made Betty haul all of our stuff down to the parade route so that I could shout at strangers to give me beads. It was a wonderful day!

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