Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Perfect Pizza

When Betty taught school, whenever I saw the art teacher and I would always ask her to paint me a picture of a pizza. I was very specific about what I wanted: one piece being pulled away from the whole, with gooey cheese dripping down, and the sun glinting off of the circular pepperonis.

But the art teacher was always too busy with "school" or "the children" to paint me a painting of a pizza. I guess I should have waited until class was over to ask for my painting, but I just couldn't ever find a better time to make this particular request.

Betty stopped teaching two years ago. So it's been at least two years since I've requested a painting of pizza. I had all but forgotten about it.

But on Wednesday Betty went to a Mother's Day Out event where they got to paint their own pictures, and guess what she painted?

My pizza! For me! On her Mother's Day Out event! What a sweetheart!

Here's a picture of her painting. She's a natural! It's everything I wanted and more!

[Picture: Pizza!]

This is me with my pizza!

[Picture: Pizza!]

This is me pointing at my pizza painting.

[Picture: Pizza!]

This is me trying to eat my pizza painting.

[Picture: Pizza!]

And this is the beautiful artist!

[Picture: Pizza!]

Thanks, Betty, for making all of my dreams come true!

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