Friday, February 05, 2010

Six Sweet Wishes

There's a gourmet cupcake shop in Baton Rouge called Sweet Wishes. It's probably Betty's favorite place in all of Baton Rouge, with the only exception possibly being Alex Box Stadium.

I like it too, because when I'm in trouble with the wife (which is often), I'll make a point to go to Sweet Wishes. Then all is well until the last cupcake is gone.

A few weeks ago Betty noticed that Sweet Wishes was doing a contest every so often on Facebook. The deal is that Sweet Wishes posts something that says "be one of the first four to comment and win free cupcakes" and then you just have to be one of the first few people to respond. You have to be on your toes!

It's not like Sweet Wishes is expensive - but who wouldn't want to win free cupcakes?

Betty's been trying to win free cupcakes on Facebook for a few weeks with no success. But tonight, on my first attempt, I won six free cupcakes from Sweet Wishes - but I didn't win through Facebook.

Dare I tell you how I won? Should I share my secret? Will you give me 10% of a cupcake as a finder's fee if I tell you how you can beat the crowd to a free box of cupcakes?

Here's the secret: they do the same contest on Twitter.

That's right, friends! My Twitter account was finally put to good use!

And who knows, if Betty plays her cards right, she might even get a cupcake or two.

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