Sunday, February 21, 2010

Trap the Bubble

Anne and I play a game called "Trap the Bubble" in the bathtub. To play Trap the Bubble you just need a cup or cup-like toy and a large amount of water. Turn the empty cup upside down, then press the cup down into the water. Air gets trapped in the cup, and when you tip the cup on its side, air rushes out in the form of bubbles. And as a result of the air rushing out of the cup, water rushes in, and a cup that used to float now sinks.


But tonight, instead of teaching my daughter about air pressure and Boyle's Law, in the middle of playing Trap the Bubble, I inadvertently taught my daughter a new word. And that word is:


We said it several times after she dropped a log in the bath tub.

"A floater!" I cried, as I yanked her out of the tub and dried her with a towel.

"Floater! Floater!" Anne cried back.

"A floater?" Betty yelled from the living room. "Not again!"

I was on clean-up duty after our Code Brown moment. But I couldn't drain the tub, because "something" (ie, poo) was right on top of the drain. And I didn't have anything to use to scoop out the doody, like a fish net or a WetVac.

But I did have a cup. And I did have air pressure. And that's all I needed.

So I played Trap the Bubble by myself in the bathtub. And when I tipped the cup to release the air, the water - containing the offending items that I needed to clean up - rushed into the cup. Then I dumped the cup's contents into the toilet.

The ABC's are overrated. Teach your kids about air pressure. It just might save your bathtub one day.

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