Friday, March 26, 2010

The Hunt

What do the following items have in common?

The remote to your satellite radio
Miniature bottles of alcohol (like those served on a plane)
A pocket encyclopedia
Plush handcuffs
An iTunes gift card
Porn playing cards (like those handed out in Vegas or found in your grandfather's dresser)
A subscription card to Consumer Affairs
KY jelly

Give up? Here's the answer:

They're all items in an Adult Easter Egg Hunt.

That's right, folks, while your spouse is hiding Easter eggs in the front yard for your kids and their friends, you should be hiding your own special eggs in the back yard for all your kids' friends' parents.

While you're at it, take pictures of all the parents' faces as they find an egg (and what's inside), print it out, and hide it in an egg for next year's adult Easter egg hunt. Keep the original as blackmail for when you need a favor later in the school year.

Just make sure to not get your eggs mixed up. The Tantrum is not responsible for your kid's therapy.

One week til Easter!

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