Saturday, April 24, 2010

Blowing Up the Bathroom

A Baton Rouge man is in custody today after an alleged terrorist plot against a Baton Rouge Denny's.

According to police reports, the man - whom police ask to remain unidentified, fearing reprisals from the man's associates - had just finished a delicious Prime Rib Sizzlin' Skillet Dinner at Denny's when he backed his chair up, tossed his napkin onto the table, stood up and announced to the table that he was going to go, "Drop a bomb in the bathroom."

Witnesses say that he then said he was going to detonate a "stink bomb" that would "blow up the middle stall," and that he "felt sorry for those old people sitting by the doors to the restrooms."

The Denny's in question has been cordoned off by police pending a further investigation.

The people sitting at the man's table told police that the man's comments were just slang for going to the restroom. All three of the man's dinner associates were subsequently tasered and taken into custody.

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