Monday, April 05, 2010

A Happy Easter Birthday!

Question: What's better than seeing your child's face on Easter morning?

[Picture: Anne's second Easter!]

Second part of the question: What's better than seeing your child's face on his or her birthday?

[Picture: Anne's second birthday!]

You guessed it: An inflatable ball pit!

[Picture: Ball pit!]

Well, okay - maybe that's a close second.

Easter was Anne's second birthday, so the Easter bunny brought more than just eggs and candy... it also brought lots of loot! We started the day off with some Birthday Pancakes.

[Picture: Birthday pancakes!]

Then Betty put the finishing touches on her Bunny Cakes. She made two cakes - one male and one female - in the hopes that they would multiply on their own and so that she wouldn't have to make any more.

[Picture: ]

I roamed the yard looking for wasp nests and ant hills to destroy. And as it turns out, wasps are descendants of ants, which is important to know because that means whatever kills wasps - like my giant can of Wasp Killer that has a 27 foot range - can also be used on ant hills. Die, ants, die! Bwahahaha!

[Picture: ]

All of Anne's cousins came to our house for her Easter/Birthday party. I knew we'd get a lot of presents from our families and knew we didn't have room in our house, so I tried to hide some of Anne's other toys in little plastic eggs and then dispersed them around the yard. But wouldn't you know it, the kids were on to me... they all obtained wicker baskets from somewhere, gathered up into a posse and went egg hunting around the yard. And they found every last one of them, too. Next time I'll just get a Pod.

[Picture: ]

Anne's cakes were delicious! Betty had actually made another cake in addition to the two bunnies. It was a chocolate cake in the shape of an Easter basket, with white icing. We pretty much devoured everything. Those kids are like locusts, moving from party to party and eating everything in sight. Or, maybe that was me... I did have a lot to eat. Oh well, it's my blog, I'll blame the kids if I want to!

[Picture: ]

As for presents, we put my future brother-in-law, John Bobby, to work undoing all of the ties on the presents. We decided that it takes 10x longer for an adult to untie a child's present than it does for a child to break into a bottle of child-proof Tylenol. There can be no logical reason for this, other than that toy makers are tie-happy sadists.

[Picture: ]

Betty and I loved having all of our family over for Easter and for Anne's birthday. It made it so special to have everyone there, especially because a lot of our family drove in from out of town. And of course, at the end of the day, we had an inflatable ball pit all to ourselves... jackpot!

[Picture: ]

Happy Easter!

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