Monday, April 12, 2010

Is Snow White Sleeping Beauty?

Betty and I read books to Anne every night, and right now we're in a Disney princess phase. Anne's also at the stage where she enjoys watching Disney movies - over and over again. So although I haven't done extensive research on this particular topic, I think I'm more than qualified to give an expert opinion on the matter. And that matter is:

Are Snow White and Sleeping Beauty the same person?

I'll give you the facts and give you my two cents, then you decide for yourself. Also, just remember that any conclusion other than mine is wrong.

Here are the obvious similarities:

1. Both Snow White and Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) are princesses.

2. Both are put into a deep sleep by witches.

3. Both are awoken by princes.

4. Both princes awake the girls by kissing them. (And I think Prince Charming might have copped a feel during his kiss.)

5. Both girls are cared for by little people. Snow White had seven dwarfs taking care of her, and Aurora had her fairy godmothers. And we all know that fairies are tiny.

Here are the not so obvious similarities:

1. The Wicked Queen is Snow White's evil stepmother. Maleficent is a wicked fairy who is Disney's interpretation of the evil fairy godmother.

2. Both girls are named after colors / nature. Snow White is obviously white snow... and an aurora is a natural light in the sky.

3. Prince Phillip is the name of the prince who awakens Sleeping Beauty, but in some older versions of the story, the prince is simply Prince Charming - the very same name of the prince who awakens Snow White.

4. Both Snow White and Aurora spend a lot of time in a woodland cottage. Snow White finds the dwarfs' cottage after running away from the evil queen's henchman, and Aurora is taken to a woodland cottage by her fairy godmothers.

5. I couldn't think of a fifth reason, but wanted to round out my thesis.

We haven't gotten to Cinderella yet, but I'm already counting the similarities between her story and Snow White's / Aurora's.

Have a different opinion? Leave me a comment and tell me what you think.


Anonymous said...

Thank you. This Post has greatly help me form my thesus for my english paper. if you ever want to discuss fairy tales with me.

Anonymous said...

In Grimm's fairy tale, there are 7 fairies who bless the Princess Aurora, who is under another name in that story...Just like the 7 dwarves.

I wonder if these are not two version of the same story changed between the two cultures...

Anonymous said...

Oh, and in Part II of Grimm's fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty, she is attacked by Prince Charming/Phillip's mother who tries to eat her and her children and the wicked Queen dies by her own trap. So, again there is the parallel of the Wicked Stepmother who wishes the heroine's demise.

Bobby said...

Thanks! I didn't know that about the 7 fairies, but that definitely sounds like you're onto something there.

As far as the Queen who tries to eat Sleeping Beauty, Snow White's wicked stepmother wanted her heart... and who knows, she might have wanted to eat it (or make a potion with it).

Thanks again for the comment!

Anonymous said...

I've heard that the two stories were originally intertwined. That Aurora refused to marry a prince and was given a poisoned apple for being so picky, and that it was hunted Princess Galatea (Snow White) who awakened her because Aurora wanted someone who did not want her body. Together they faced Snow White's stepmother and took back her kingdom. Aurora could speak with trees and Snow White had spent the time since her father's death traveling with seven dwarves and getting to know and gaining the favor of her people.

Anonymous said...

Well of you do minimal research on it, you will see that both Disney movies are based on two different but similar Grimm Brothers stories... Both stories that have been told over the ages but from two different countries of origin. So they are very similar, but came from different places and brought together by the brothers Grimm.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is Facsinating, Although I have another question, When and where did the Evil Stepmother Archetype originate? Only, it seems to be in nearly every fairy story and I live in Swanage, England and that is quite close to Corfe castle and King Edward was Murdered in the Castle by his evil stepmother and That was in 12 hundred and something so I was wondering if it originated from there or whether that was a rather strange coincidence.

Unknown said...

We're snow and arurora both under the same sleeping curse ? In the Grimm's version ? I know now if you're a ouat fan you know the answer is yes but not sure about back in the day ...

Anonymous said...


Karen Guessman said...

Oh wow so in original sleeping beauty story aurora is blessed by 7 fairies instead of 3 so they were almost too alike and probably why Disney changed a lot but kept a lot the same

Karen Guessman said...

So in sleeping beauty movie Disney made they kept out part 2 of the original stories that would have made Snow White and sleeping beauty even more alike than they already are