Friday, April 09, 2010

Orange Beach

We're in Orange Beach, AL, this weekend.

My daughter, Anne, has been talking about the beach for weeks. We don't know where she got the idea - she just turned two, and we haven't been to the beach since last summer. But if my little princess wants the beach, then she gets the beach!

[Picture: Anne at the beach!]

I only have one gripe about Orange Beach: the beach is not orange. The sand is almost pure white, and the water is crystal clear. I see nothing orange about it!

We're staying at a place called Sea Chase, and it's pretty great. They have an indoor pool, a hot tub inside, another hot tub outside, a regular pool with a "zero point entry," and a kiddie pool outside. They also have a little spray park area right by the outdoor pools.

If only it weren't so frickin' cold outside, maybe we'd go to the pools more often. Actually, it's not the cold that is the problem... it's the wind. Once you get wet and that wind comes whipping at you, you only have two choices: jump back in the pool or bury yourself in the sand.

The temperature and the wind are both much more tolerable in the afternoon, so we've been spending our mornings at the indoor pool and our afternoons at the beach. And Annie definitely is a little sand crab! She loves the sand.

On Friday, Anne spent the afternoon running up and down the beach, right where the water hits the sand. I could barely keep up with her! And the whole time she ran, she sang the themesong to "Choo Choo Soul."

Chugga, pssshh, chugga, aah!

Saturday is our last full day at Orange Beach. I plan on finishing the last seven turrets on my amazing sand castle, then unleashing a horde of sand crabs upon our closest neighbor's sand fortress. My daughter, niece and nephew will also help stomp any other sand castles in the area.

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