Friday, April 16, 2010

The Sha-wer in Sha-fayette

We're going to a shower on Saturday. But since the shower is in Lafayette, and since we call Lafayette "Sha-fayette" because everyone says "Sha!", we've officially branded the shower as the Sha-wer.

You can combine "sha-wer" with all of your other favorite Cajun catchphrases, most notably "aw, sha!"

Here are some examples of usage:

"I'm going to an aw, sha-wer, sha!"

"Aw, sha, dat's a cute sha-wer, bebe!"

"You wanna sha-wer wit me, sha? Mais, sha, I was just joking! Unless you want to, sha!"

I'll probably post some more examples after I get sha-faced at the sha-wer. If you have a sha-wer-nism, please leave a comment!

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