Friday, April 02, 2010

Tickle Switch: Engage!

My daughter Anne and I have a new routine after bath time. It's called the Cry and Dry.

It basically consists of her screaming and flailing while I try to take her out of the tub, then I swaddle her up in a towel while yelling, "Cry and dry!" My yelling of this new term doesn't seem to calm her down, but this point of my day now has its own name.

After she's dried off, we move onto the "Cry and Diap" which consists of me trying to put a diaper on her while she cries.

But my favorite new activity involves a single light switch.

The changing table is in Anne's old room, and there are two light switches right next to the changing table. So whenever we go to change Annie, she wants to flip the switches off and on. One switch controls the lights. The other switch does nothing.

Well, it used to do nothing. Now... it's the Tickle Switch!

When the tickle switch is turned on, I yell out, "Tickle switch: Engage!" Anne shrieks, then bursts out laughing as I tickle her. When she's had enough, she flips the tickle switch again. We've done it enough times now that she'll even intone, "Tickle switch: Off!"

The tickles can come from various sources. There are full-fledged tickles, then there are "ticklets." But I'm patenting a new tickle technique called the "Tickle Missile." To create a tickle missile, I ball my fist up, point my index finger towards the sky, and pretend my finger is a missile - with the target being an armpit or exposed tummy. I always make a rocket sound as the heat-seeking ticket missile races towards its goal, and upon contact with the target there are always tons of big tickles and ticklets.

Who knew a dead light switch could be so much fun?

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