Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Demas Dames

When Betty and I got engaged, my neighbors back home in Shafayette threw us an awesome party. That was close to six years ago, and Betty and I still talk about it. One thing in particular stands out in my mind: during a game that my neighbors had us play, I learned what a soup tureen is. I've never had to use that knowledge since then, but I'm ready for it to be a trivia question on Jeopardy.

My old street is named Demas, and on that street are a group of women that can whip up a party like nobody's business. We call them the Demas Dames. Once word gets out that someone on the street got engaged, the Demas Dames immediately spring into action. Lists are made, grocery stores are scouted for the best deals, and massive amounts of alcohol start stacking up at whoever's house is going to host the shower.

The Demas Dames' party planning abilities would put a regular Event Planner to shame. They always have the best food (all homemade, thank you very much), drinks and music, and they always go above and beyond. At the last wedding shower the Dames even had party cups, like from a Fraternity / Sorority exchange.

But just a warning to all the Demas Dudes: don't interfere with the Dames' party planning. Just go where you're told, do what you were asked to do (quietly), and then get to the next item on your To Do List.

This weekend the Demas Dames are throwing a shower for my sister. Betty and I aren't sure if we can make it because Betty is preggers and is about to pop, but we're seriously considering going. We're trying to weigh the pros and cons. On the one hand, if we get stuck in traffic on the Atchafalaya Basin on the way back then I might have to deliver my own child in the back seat of our Honda Odyssey. On the other hand, I hear the Demas Dames have something special cooked up for this weekend.

We can't decide what to do!

Chances are that we won't be able to go, so I'm counting on my family to take lots of pictures... and video. Preferably towards the end of the night once everyone is drunk and telling stories about each other.

Oh, and save us a plate of food!

Have a great time, Sis! And take note - you and Betty are the next generation of Demas Dames!

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bwallace said...

It all comes together. We weren't able to make it to Pat and Kathi's recent shower hosted by the Demas Dames, so we wondered what they were.
You're like a Sha-kipedia