Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Profile Picture Needed

I need a new profile picture for my blog, but I can't decide which picture to use. Please let me know which one you prefer.

1. The Butler

[Picture: Bob the Butler]

The caption could read: Another blog, sir?

2. The Sneak Attack

[Picture: Beware the blog!]

The caption could read: Just when you thought it was safe to read the Intarweb! (Or whatever.)

3. The Tourists

[Picture: Your blog is HERE]

Caption: How the hell did you get HERE?

4. The Kiss

[Picture: It's all because of my sexy yellow shirt]

Caption: Because chicks dig guys who blog... and wear sexy yellow shirts.

And finally...

5. Pimpzilla!

[Picture: It's tacky... it's overdone... it's Pimpzilla!]

Caption: A man, a blog, a pimp hat, and massive amounts of radiation... what's not to like?

Please leave a comment or email me with your choice if you have a preference.


Sara Landreneau Kleinpeter said...

The Butler!

Joe said...

The Butler.
Uncle Joe