Monday, May 31, 2010

Next Song

Betty and I are trying to get our daughter, Anne, to "use her words." We'd prefer her to tell us what she wants instead of throwing tantrums, throwing toys, and throwing herself on the ground and wailing.

Betty says if we're successful with Anne then she's going to try it next on me. Apparently I get cranky easily.

Anyway, one of the opportunities for Anne to use her words is when she wants us to play a new song in the car. She has several CDs, but her taste in music changes constantly, and a song that she loves today may be a song that she hates tomorrow. Previously when she heard a song that she didn't like, she'd scream and yell and throw stuff. But now Betty and I have asked her to politely say, "Next song."

In a sure sign that my daughter is a genius, Anne has memorized all of her CDs. She knows what songs are going to play in what order, and she'll "next song" a song right when it starts - and sometimes right before it starts - until she gets to the song she wants.

The problem is that, for a CD with 24 tracks, she'll "next song" through 22 of them.

Another problem is that she thinks she can "next song" the radio. If we're listening to the radio and she "next songs" us, we just change the channel.

But the real issue is that she's now "next song"-ing me when I sing to her. I break out into song on a regular basis - it's like a Broadway play at my house, 24/7 - but in the middle of the first verse of my brilliant rendition of the Imagination Movers theme song, I'll hear a little voice calmly say, "Next song."

And it stops me in my tracks.

I'll try out the Choo-Choo Soul theme song, only to hear, "Next song."

Handy Manny? "Next song."

Death Cab for Cutie? "Next song."

Special Agent Oso? "Next song."

I guess I should be happy, because instead of saying "next song" Anne could just be screaming and howling.

Let's just hope she doesn't learn the phrase, "Next blog!"

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