Monday, May 17, 2010

Rock 'n Bowl

Betty and I helped throw a shower for my sister at the Rock 'N Bowl in New Orleans. And by "we" I mean "Betty". She did everything.

[Proof that we were at the Rock N Bowl]

Since the shower was at the Rock 'N Bowl, Betty decided to make a cake in the shape of a bowling pin, and then she made cupcakes that looked like bowling balls.

We wanted to write something witty on the side of the cake, but didn't know a lot of bowling terms. I did some research, and interestingly enough, a 7-10 split is also known as a "bedpost" (b/c you're screwed if you have one). Since the only witty lines I could think of involved bad puns about balls, pins and gutters, Betty decided to keep it simple.

[The cake]

Betty made the cupcakes, and Betty's mom rolled the fondant into perfectly shaped circles. The cupcakes had cookie dough baked into their middles, so it was like eating a cupcake / chocolate chip cookie. We would have had more for the party but I ate ten of them while Betty and her mom weren't looking.

[The cupcakes]

My sister's last name is Tanory - of course. And her fiance's last name is Robert. So the party was the Robert & Tanory party. The block of rooms for the hotel for their wedding is also under Robert / Tanory. And since my name is Robert Tanory, I now have 47 guests with rooms under my name. All I'm saying is that the hotel better bump my room up to the Penthouse.

[The Robert / Tanory Shower]

A ton of people showed up to the shower, which is great because it means my sister racked up on some shower loot. Everyone was so generous with the gifts - my cousin Elizabeth even had her gift specially wrapped for the occasion.

[Bif's gift!]

Love ya, cuz!

Betty is preggers and has been saying that she feels like she has a bowling ball in her belly. And it's true - she really does have a bowling ball in there! Look at this side-by-side comparison of her belly to a bowling ball. The resemblance is uncanny!

[My baby the bowling ball!]

The Rock N Bowl looks great. It's in a new location, and has a bigger dance floor, more lanes, and a big bar. But some things remain the same, like how bowling shoes are always half a size too big. My mom got that backwards and thought they were half a size too small, so she got her shoes to be a half size too big. So when she put on her bowling shoes it looked like she had giant clown feet. I can only show you this picture because my wife is about to have a baby and therefore my mom wouldn't dare kill me - just yet.

[Look at the size of those feet!]

I got some great pictures of everybody, but no one was at photogenic as our friend Heather. In return for allowing me to dub her Ms. Photogenic Robert/Tanory Shower 2010, I have to make Heather a collage of the pics that I took.

[Heather wins as Ms. Photogenic.]

As for me, I barely saw my sister or my soon-to-be Broseph, John Bobby. I was too busy bowling. Here is an action shot of me about to bowl a strike. Notice the intensity with which I bowl.


And here was my score. It's the first time I've ever broken 160. For people who bowl regularly this is low, but for me it's the greatest sports event that I've participated in since the Olympic chair sitting contest that I medaled in at work a few months ago.

[Best score ever!]

Congratulations, Becca and John! I have a great analogy / euphemism about love and bowling - and yes, it involves a single bowling pin, two bowling balls and a 7-10 split (aka, "the bedpost") - but I'll save it for the rehearsal dinner.

[The happy couple]

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