Wednesday, May 05, 2010

A Thousand Posts

Today we celebrate a milestone in blogging history: 1,000 Tanory Tantrums! That's a lot of tantrums!

This is actually my 1,004th blog post. To give you an idea of just how much time that is, I thought I'd break down the tasks that I do while writing and give them a time value. I can then multiply that by 1,004 to determine a rough estimate for the total amount of time that I've spent on my blog, then divide that by 60 to get the number of hours.

Should be interesting. Here we go:

1. Sit at computer, log into Blogger. (< 1 minute.)

2. Attempt to think up a blog topic. Get started on a rough draft but change topics every paragraph. (5 minutes.)

3. Look at the notes I took throughout the day that I thought would be good blog topics. Ask Betty about them. (2 minutes.)

4. Check my email. Notice how much my Spam folder builds up when I check my email over the iPhone for several days at a time. (5 minutes.)

5. Write a title for my blog and write out a first draft consisting of the first three paragraphs, then delete the entire thing. (5 minutes.)

6. Remember to go do something in the kitchen. This could be, but is not limited to, a) taking out the trash; b) turning on the dishwasher; or c) eating whatever Betty wouldn't let me eat during the day since by now she is probably asleep. (3 minutes.)

7. Go back to the computer and skim, and check my Netflix queue. (15 minutes.)

8. Write the exact three paragraphs as what I had just deleted, add two more paragraphs, then move the third paragraph to the top and the second paragraph to the bottom. (3 minutes.)

9. Go take a whiz, and read a page out of Newsweek. Don't leave bathroom until done with article. (3 minutes.)

10. Go back to the computer. Slap myself in the face a few times to get the blood flowing. Make up a new title for the blog. Delete the fourth paragraph. (2 minutes.)

11. Think of the final two lines of the blog post. (5 minutes.)

12. Find, resize and upload pictures for the blog, if applicable. (5 minutes.)

13. Read blog aloud to Betty, if she's still up. Fix spelling and grammar mistakes as I read. Look at words that are spelled correctly but just look funny for some reason. (3 minutes.)

14. Click the "Publish Post" button, then immediately remember something incredibly funny that I wanted to write. Make a note of it for next time. (1 minute.)

That's it. That's my writing routine. Sometimes I can just sit down and write, and the blog is done in about two minutes and everyone loves it... other times it's several iterations and several hours of work for something that everyone is less enthusiastic about. So I guess time doesn't necessarily correspond to quality. Although my Netflix queue wouldn't be so full without all of that extra time spent writing the blog.

Anyway, that gives us a total of 58 minutes per blog, times 1,004 blogs which is 58232 minutes total. Divide that by 60 minutes and we get the equivalent of 970 hours... which is almost as much time as it's going to take to watch the remaining episodes of Lost on Netflix on Demand.

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