Wednesday, May 12, 2010

World of Facecraft

I've created a new game. It's called World of Facecraft.

It's essentially World of Warcraft, but for Facebook. It's not like the Farmville or Mafia Wars applications... those are just games that you play inside Facebook. No, this will be a game that actually affects your ability to use Facebook.

You use World of Facebook, also known as "WoF", in the same way that you'd use World of Warcraft and/or Facebook. You can travel to different realms / friend's profiles, gain experience by killing different characters in a friend's photo album, and cast spells to make their gender, sexual preference and current employer changed to something to your liking.

You can form alliances with other users and go hunting for weaker friends/enemies (hereby known as Frienemies) with fewer friends / experience points.

So why play this game? Well, if you gain a lot of experience then you get to supe up your profile page with goodies that only the Immortals would dream of. But if you get "killed" in Word of Facebook, there's a hefty price to pay: you can't post, read your wall, look at anyone else's profile or use any other application until someone resurrects your profile. All of your apps, like Farmville, will stop working. And everyone will miss your up-to-the-minute status updates.


You can also join Clans and Religions, which you currently know as Groups. Clans can attach each other. Say you're in a Bon Jovi fan group and you really hate Winger... well, you can attack their group, take their group leader hostage (virtually, of course), and force posts on the opposing group's wall to say that Bon Jovi is the shiznit.

Not contented with just attacking frienemies as they read the live feed on their wall? Well, that's not a problem, because with WoF you can also attack them while they're playing an application.

Let's say your friend is planting and/or harvesting carrots in Farmville. You'd want to cast a spell of invisibility on your profile, then sneak up behind him and attack him with your "ambush" skill. If you get a clean shot at him and decapitate him, his head will be removed from his profile picture until he gets resurrected (or at the end of 24 hours, whichever comes first).

I hope you'll all enjoy playing World of Facecraft. As soon as I can get the licensing terms finalized with the guys at World of Warcraft and Facebook then look for a more exciting and/or violent virtual home in the near future.

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