Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blog Moratorium

Sorry for not blogging lately, but we've had some issues over here in the Tanory household.

First, our computer's hard drive died after a power outage. Luckily I've got some hardcore computer geek friends at work who are going to help me recover my pictures. I had backed up our pictures and videos a few weeks ago but don't want to lose the last month's worth of pics of my kids.

Second, our son Peter was admitted to the NICU after having a fever of 103.1. He's doing better now but it seriously puts a cramp on my blogs. I had a great blog comparing one of his recent blowouts (code name for explosive poops) to the BP oil spill. Now that'll have to wait.

I know everything will be alright, but until we get home, our kid is ok and our computer is back up and running, it'll be hard to blog. I'll have to entertain myself by driving Betty crazy - I have no choice!

Please keep Peter and Betty in your prayers!

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