Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Future of Driving Like a Maniac

We need new, inventive ways to stop people from speeding, running red lights and swerving through traffic. Red light cameras and speed cameras are currently being used in several cities in Louisiana, and these are helpful tools to deter bad driving habits but they're not useful at actually stopping bad behavior.

In light of this info, here are a few of my ideas to stop bad driving behavior, listed in order from most technologically advanced to most invasive:

1. Build cars with wireless modems in the car's computer. Have speed limit signs outfitted with some mechanism of sending out a wireless signal with the speed limit. The car drives past a speed limit sign, picks up the signal, and the car's computer automagically adjusts the speed if it's going too high. There would need to be an override for this in case of emergencies, like if your wife is pregnant, if someone is injured and is being rushed to the hospital, or you need to get home from Church in time for the start of the Saints game. A fine could also be sent to the speeder depending on how fast the person was going, but the main point is to stop the person from speeding.

2. Have a SpeedPass or E-Z Pass system, but don't just use it for tolls. If you don't come to a complete stop at a stop sign, the wireless-enabled stop sign contacts your car's SpeedPass account and charges you a set fee. If you run a red light, your account is charged a certain amount per mile until you safely pass through a green light.

3. Outfit all cars with cameras, much like how cop cars have cameras. If you see someone run a red light or swerve through traffic, you can push a button on your dashboard and the last few seconds of your camera's video is wirelessly sent off to be processed. If you catch someone running a stop sign or zooming on the Interstate then your account is credited a fee.

4. The part of the street right next to all stop signs could have a small speed bump. That would discourage people from running stop signs.

5. When a traffic light turns red, spikes can rise up from the ground and anyone who runs the light gets their tires ripped up. The longer the light is red, the higher the spikes get.

Got an idea for a way to stop bad driving behavior? Please leave a comment!

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