Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jackson Pollock

I promise you that after reading this blog post, you will never think of Jackson Pollock the same way again.

Jackson Pollock was known for his splatter paint "art." And I have great news for any Jackson Pollock art lovers... my son, Peter, is the next great splatter painter!

Except, instead of using paint, he uses his bowels.

One time Pete let out a tremendous grunt. The room shook... the sky turned grey... there was great wailing and gnashing of gums - he's still several months away from cutting teeth. And then we heard a squirt.

My wife informed me that it was my turn to change Pete's diaper. And when I opened it up, there was a single little squirt of doo. I call it like I see them, and I yelled out that it was a "Jackson Pollock."

Everyone laughed, and the name has stuck.

It's not even a catchphrase for us anymore. It's what we naturally call some of his dirty diapers. Jackson Pollocks: dirty diapers filled with splatter paint butt art.

Any art schools seeking a three week old prodigy? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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