Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Mad Hops

I have a great idea for an ad campaign for any beer company that wants to sponsor the NBA playoffs. You could have a slogan that simply said:

We've Got Mad Hops!

Because, you know, beer is made with hops and basketball players call jumping "hops". If I have to explain it then it's not funny anymore.

Anyway, dearest Potential Beer Company Client, have a guy dressed as a bottle of your beer jumping on a trampoline in front of a basketball net and slamming a ball into the hoop. Show the slogan right as the slam dunk occurs. And...

Bam! Instant awesomeness!

Oh, and make sure to have a few scantily clad cheerleaders in the background. Let me know if you need help with casting.

Any marketing people hiring? Specifically, any marketing people hiring and need a guy who just sits back and thinks of crappy ideas then lets other people do the actual work? If so, drop me a line!

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