Monday, June 14, 2010

Rue Beignet

Anne's favorite movie at the moment is The Princess and the Frog. P & F (as we call it) takes place in New Orleans, and the main character in the movie makes beignets. In fact, beignets play such a large role in the movie that they have almost as much screen time as the cast.

There's only so many cartoon beignets that I can look at before I need the real thing, so Betty, Anne, Pete and I checked out a new beignet place in Baton Rouge called Rue Beignet.


In The Princess and the Frog, the main character, Tiana, puts honey on her beignets in addition to powdered sugar. To us Louisianians, this is a matter of some debate. We've spoken to several Nawlins natives, and none remember anyone ever putting honey on their beignets. It could be that it's a mix of putting powdered sugar on French beignets and honey on Spanish sopapillas, or it could be that the vast and powerful honey industry has infiltrated the Disney animation group. The world might never know.

Lucky for us, Rue Beignet has several different toppings for their tasty treats. You can have your beignets (or beignet fingers) with powdered sugar, chocolate, cinnamon sugar... or honey! You can even get a sampler. We got some with powdered sugar and some with honey. The ones with honey also came with a good measure of sugar, and there was extra sugar on the table - which was helpful because the sugar originally placed on the beignets melted right into the honey.


The beignets were made to order, so they came out piping hot. It was a little tough keeping Anne away from her treats while they cooled down. She kept touching the beignets, then pouting when they were hot on her fingers. But then she'd start licking the powdered sugar off her finger, and the world was suddenly right as rain again.


By the way, Rue Beignet is located on Highland right by Healing Place Church. So if you try to go to Rue Beignet on a Sunday, make sure it's not right before or after church, otherwise you'll be stuck in traffic. However, you could probably get the traffic cops to let you through if you promise to bring them a batch of some tasty beignets!


At the end of the day, all that was left of our six beignets was a little honey left on a plate, with some crumbles of powdered sugar melted into it. Everything else was devoured. We were like locusts.


And we will come again! Get ready for us!


bwallace said...

I was 100% sure I was the only person I knew that owned that monorail shirt.

I was wrong.

Evan Duhy - Rue Beignet said...

Rue Beignet is my shop and I absolutely love this blog!!! Thank you so much for being such a good friend to us... You took our motto "tell a friend" to the next level and we love you for it!!!

See you soon!!!

BTW the special tomorrow is cream cheese drizzle and blueberries.... MMMMMM......


Bobby said...

Evan, your shop rocks! We will be back - very soon! (I might even come in on my way to work, but don't tell my wife or she'll beat me.)

Brandon, por favor mantengase alejado de las puertas!