Monday, July 05, 2010

Back Home!

Pete was discharged from the NICU on Saturday, and we've spent a few days at home recovering. It's so nice to sleep in our beds again! Until Pete wakes up, that is. He used to be such a good sleeper, but being held for three days straight has made him want to be held all the time.

And who can blame him? I'm a pretty comfy pillow.

Thankfully, Betty's parents have been here to help us out. And my parents were such a huge help by taking Anne for a few days. And our country's founding fathers were nice enough to declare our independence on July 4th, so my work gave us July 5th off (since the 4th was on a Sunday). Having an extra day to spend with the family was so nice!

Thanks, founding fathers!

Betty and I would like to sincerely thank everyone who called, emailed, snail mailed, faxed, texted, Facebooked, and dropped by to give a helping hand while our kids were sick. We're so lucky to have such wonderful family and friends!

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