Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bubble Bath!

Well, my wife is happy. All three of her little children took baths tonight: Anne, Peter and Daddy!

My daughter goes through phases. For example, first she liked Snow White, then it was Sleeping Beauty, then Princess and the Frog, then Cinderella, and now it's Pooh Bear. She used to love Choo Choo Soul, but now she only watches it at my parents' house. She used to have to turn on the lights by herself, and now she could care less. And once she gets past a certain phase, she never goes back.

And so it is with her baths.

It used to be that she only wanted to get in the bath after the water had filled the tub. Then she wanted to get in the tub first, then have the water turned on for her. Then she wanted to turn the water on herself. Then she only wanted to play with her bath toys, and now she doesn't want to play with them at all.

When she got into a phase where she wouldn't bath, I let her shower with me (I wore shorts). And now that she doesn't want to shower, we've let her take bubble baths with Daddy in Daddy's tub.

I mean, seriously... who doesn't like bubble baths?!?

I have two favorite things to do while taking a bubble bath with Anne. The first is giving her a bubble beard. I've given her a full bubble beard, just a bubble mustache, an Amish bubble beard (with no mustache), a handlebar bubble mustache... you name it, we've made it out of bubbles! Hearing her crack up as I slosh bubbles over her head is priceless!

Bubble bath beard!

The second thing that I love about bubble baths is using the luffa sponge on my feet.

As a man, it's been kind of against my nature to take care of my feet in any way shape or form. Sure, there was that time in high school when I had plantar warts and had to burn them off with acid then scrape the dead skin from my foot with a razor... but that seemed somewhat dangerous, and therefore acceptable as a manly activity. But luffa sponges seemed out of the question.

The problem is that, over the 14 or so years that I played soccer, huge callouses built up on the side of my big toes. I've never been able to get rid of them. But with a few quick rubs of the luffa, all that dead skin came right off.

(Don't worry, I waited until my daughter was out of the tub before flinging dead toe skin all over the bubbly bath.)

I don't know what I'm going to do when Anne decides that she's done with bubble baths. Maybe I'll just start hosing her off outside, which was my first choice a few years ago but Betty vetoed that. And if they make bubble bath containers that attach to the hose, then my bubble bath days aren't over yet!

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