Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dress Like a Cow Day

My favorite holidays are the ones in which I get to dress up: Mardi Gras, Halloween, and Valentine's Day (I dress like Cupid, wearing a diaper and wielding a bow and arrow - trust me when I say that it gets the ladies excited).

But my most favorite holidays are the ones in which I get to dress up in my cow suit.

Enter: "Cow Appreciation Day" (otherwise known in my house as "Dress Like a Cow Day") at Chik-fil-A. This year's Cow Appreciation Day was on Friday, July 9th.

[The fam!]

"Dress Like a Cow Day" only happens once a year. The deal is, if you go into Chik-fil-A dressed like a cow, or wearing any cow paraphernalia, then they give you free food.

Free food? And dressing up in my cow outfit? Maybe this is my favorite holiday ever!

And because our kids are too young to defend themselves, we made them dress up, too.

[The fam!]

Anne's outgrown all of her cow outfits, so instead she wore a cow bib.

[Me and my little calf!]

Peter wore Anne's old cow outfit. We called him Mini-Moo. He mostly slept while we were eating, but he definitely got a lot of attention. Who doesn't like a miniature cow sleeping in a car seat?


We went to the Chik-fil-A on Siegen Lane in Baton Rouge, because it's near my office. In the past, when we've gone to Chik-fil-A for this special day, we've gone in the morning when there are not as many people around. But this year we went during the lunch rush, and had a blast looking at all of the other people's costumes.

We also got to meet the wife and kids of the restaurant's owner. They were so nice! We tried to convince them to open a Chik-fil-A out in Prairieville, and they gave us the run-down on how new Chik-fil-As are opened. Maybe if I stand out on the corner of Airline Highway and Highway 42 with my cow outfit on, someone at the Chik-fil-A headquarters will take notice.

The next holiday that I'm looking forward to is National Vanilla Ice Cream Day on July 23rd. I can't wait to dress up like Vanilla Ice and blast "Ice, Ice Baby" while break dancing. I also might go to the old Skate Zone in Lafayette for this special day, as that's where I heard this song the most when I was a kid.

Now I just need to think of a costume for the kids!


bwallace said...

nice cowtfit

Joan said...

i can't decide which is dorkier (meant in the most loving way possible)...the cowtfit, or the coining of the term "cowtfit" by my beloved husband.