Thursday, July 01, 2010


Betty and I are going to spend another night with Pete in the NICU. We've got a nice little room with two recliners, a privacy curtain, and a monitor that beeps three different tones harmoniously all throughout the day. The nurses are great, our doctors have been wonderful in their explanations of all of our options, and the hospital food is actually pretty good.

If we didn't have two kids with fevers of 103, it might not be too bad.

Peter's fever has dropped and is now hovering around 99.5. The doctors don't know if he has a viral infection or a bacterial infection. They're learning towards a virus, since we've found out that Anne is sick as well. But they've found something in his blood work that leads them to believe it may be bacterial - either in addition to or instead of a viral infection.

Pete's taking it well. He's peeing on whoever he can, whenever he can, so I know that he can't be feeling all that bad.

My parents took Anne back to Sha-fayette when we admitted Pete to the hospital, and they're now having to deal with a sick 2 year old. But so far she seems content to watch Disney movies all day. Thank God for the Princess and the Frog, Cinderella, Snow White, Nemo and Winnie the Pooh - all of which I think she's watched today. Hey, whatever keeps her from running around getting overheated works for me.

Betty's extremely tired, so I can't aggravate her too much. I keep working her up to her pain threshold, then she fusses at me, then I have to be on my best behavior for another few minutes. She'll be the happiest out of everyone when we get to go home, as then I'll have to go back to work and get out of her hair for a few days. But with our six year anniversary coming up on Friday, and the long holiday weekend, she's trying to build up enough strength to deal with me for at least four more days.

Betty's parents have been helping us out a lot at the hospital. Thank God for family! They've even made a few Food Runs for us. I jokingly asked for pizza and a few minutes later I had a beautifully smelling DeAngelo's pizza under my nose.

All in all, we feel very fortunate. We have some friends who had their son in NICU for several weeks, know some people driving to St. Jude every other weekend, met a family with a 1 lb baby, have a neighbor who went into labor at 32 weeks, and have been chatting it up with another family whose one week-old son can't poop by himself and has been getting biopsied like crazy. We can handle a little fever... but my heart goes out to all of those other families. We've refused to take a bigger room with a comfy bed because we feel like there are other families out there that need it more than we do. That - and the fact that Betty is so annoyed with me that she probably wouldn't voluntarily sleep by me, even if it is our anniversary.

So thank you all for your prayers, your thoughts, your concerns... we definitely appreciate them! Please also pray for those other families going through things much harder than we are. I know how scared we were when Pete's fever hit 103... I can't imagine what those other families are going through.

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lizinmali said...

Bobby T! Thanks for offering "Tanory" out here to these crazy Malians, I can't wait to tell them and get a good laugh out of them!!!

And thank you so much for keeping all of us updated on Peter. Your positive attitude and ability to see beyond yourselves by asking for prayers for other families is truly amazing and awe-inspiring. Everything will work out for ya'll because of it!

So much love,
Sali/Ebifaliz/your FAVORITE cousin! (ok, ok..your favorite cousin in AFRICA!)