Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Pics of Petey T!

We once again conned our good friend Nicolvin into taking pictures of our kids in return for food. Actually, this time she cooked for us. So... maybe this time she conned us into having her take pictures of our kids? I'm confused.

Anyway, she's posted some pictures of Pete (and a few of Anne) up on her blog. You can check out the pictures of Pete by clicking here. Please leave Nicolvin a comment telling her how great her work is!

While Betty handled Peter and Nicolvin handled the camera, I took Anne outside to play with Nicolvin's husband Matt and their dog Louie. Anne had a blast, but I think poor Louie got all tired out! Anne would chase him from one side of the yard to the next, then back again. She also thought it was hilarious when I held her and ran across the yard, then called Louie over. She loved watching the dog run around!

I'm still trying to convince Betty to let us get a dog, but she just repeats the mantra that her mom always says: all my pets walk on two legs!

Pete doesn't walk quite yet, but he has started rolling over. He sort of rocks back and forth on his belly, will kick off with one leg, then will slowly start to turn over. Sometimes he'll get stuck halfway through his roll and just look up at us, asking for help. Betty usually dangles a toy over his head so the act of looking for it will propel him forwards or backwards, and I usually stand over him and tell him that he needs to learn to roll over for himself because this unforgiving world will not do it for him.

Hurray for parenting skillz!

Our kids have grown up so much, and it seems like it all happened so fast. And since I'm at work most of the time, I'm missing a lot of it. That's why it's so important to us to keep Nicolvin happy. She's helping us to remember how beautiful and wonderful our children are, before they become teenagers and we forget!

Thank you again, Nicolvin! Your work is truly a gift!

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Nicole C. Colvin said...

Thank you so much for the shout out post, Bobby! I love taking pictures of your family!! It's really an honor for y'all to choose me to take the pictures of Annie and Pete.