Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pete's Thought of the Day

I recently wanted to show my son, Peter, what his old man has been up to. So I showed him my blog. I told him about how I write about my family and all the funny stuff that happens to us, and how it's good for Daddy to have a creative outlet (as otherwise Mommy would go insane) and it's good for us so we can look back on these memories later in life.

He mainly sucked on his nunu and dropped a load in his diaper, but all in all I think he liked it. At least, he smiled a lot, but it might have just been due to gas pains.

I even showed him how I loved writing about him. I showed him how I compared his diapers to Jackson Pollock paintings, and explained how it was both supposed to be flattering to him - ie, his poop is art - and detrimental to Jackson Pollock. (We got you, Pollock! Suck it!)

I also showed him the one where I said he has a rockin' mullet.

I figured that since he's only two and a half months old that he probably wouldn't find it very interesting. But actually, he did have a rather strong opinion about the whole thing.

This is what Pete had to say about my blog:

[Picture: Pete's thoughts of my blog]

Everyone's a critic!

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