Monday, September 06, 2010

Bob's Bookstore

I've always wanted to own my own bookstore. I just love books! I'd have knowledgeable people dress up as characters in the different sections to help customers find what they want.

For instance, a man in a Storm Trooper outfit could help customers in the Science Fiction section of Bob's Bookstore. Darth Vader could help check customers out - the buttons on his torso could even be where customers swipe their credit cards.

A young man dressed like Harry Potter or a young girl dressed like Hermione could help young ones find what they need in the Young Adult or even Fantasy sections.

A buff, shirtless man with long hair would await customers in the Romance section. If we get the permit, maybe the shirtless Fabio guy could be sitting on a horse.

I'd have a chef's station set up by the cooking books, with samples from some of the books ready to be taste tested.

Competitors and people critical of my bookstore could be killed and dumped on the floor by the Mystery, Thriller, Horror and True Crime sections. Whodunit!?!

I probably wouldn't compete on digital downloads, although I would have computers for customers to use if they wanted to download an eBook. My main draw would be to interact with the customers.

Now if I can only find a way to integrate the bookstore idea with my pizzeria idea, where the main draw would be my Gradient Pizza (it goes from thin crust to thick crust all in one pizza!), my life would be complete!

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