Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Camera on a Cable

My coworker bought an LCD "Inspection Camera" that I'm calling a Camera on a Cable. It's supposed to be good for jamming down into a clogged pipe and seeing what's the matter.

[Pic of camera's handle]

It's got a camera on the end of a three foot-long cable. There's also a light by the camera, and the light is adjusted at the handle.

[Pic of camera's light and camera]

It's also got a nice little LCD screen. It's so fancy that you can almost make out what the camera is pointing at. We were never able to get it to focus, but that didn't stop us from trying to stick it anywhere it would fit.

[Pic of camera's screen]

And by "anywhere" I really mean "anywhere." The first thing we thought of doing was our own colonoscopy. It's never too early to get one of those, you know.

[Pic of me defiling the camera on a cable, as well as myself]

So my new side job is to give people colonoscopies. I don't think you need a doctorate for that... all I think you need is a camera on a cable, lots of lube, and a cute, trusting face.

[Bob and the camera on a cable]

Any takers?

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