Friday, October 15, 2010

Boo at the Zoo!

Anne's class took a field trip to the Baton Rouge zoo on Friday. And the BR Zoo apparently loves Halloween almost as much as I do, because they decked out the entire place in creepy Halloween decorations. There wasn't a single attraction that didn't have some sort of pumpkin, spider web or scarecrow next to it. It was a lot of fun!

Anne loved the decorations so much that she spent more time playing with them than actually looking at the animals. It was hard to even get her past the main gate of the zoo, because she immediately saw an inflatable pumpkin / snowman hybrid and had to go get a closer look.

[Picture: Pumpkin snowman!]

I guess if you've seen one endangered species of monkey, you've seen them all.

The zoo even decked out the bales of hay. Here's a bale of hay dressed up to look like a giant bat. I think the zoo should have had a sign up next to this Bat Bale stating the genus and species of this creature (may I suggest Lolium ecaudata?), and giving it a brief description, like it would for any of the actual animals.

[Picture: Bat bale!]

We haven't been to the BR Zoo in a while, but knew that they'd been working on revamping the tiger cage. It looked good - it reminded me a lot of LSU's habitat for Mike VI. There's a lake in it that looked so good, you almost forget that you'd immediately be ripped to shreds by a vicious giant cat if you tried to swim in it.

[Picture: The tiger habitat]

Anne was afraid of several animals, but she wasn't afraid of the tigers. Betty wasn't afraid of the tigers, either! Even the kid lurking in the background of this next picture seemed pretty confident about not getting eaten alive by tigers.

[Picture: By the tigers]

Someone asked how the tigers were transported to the zoo. I think my father-in-law Jimmy answered that question for us. I also recounted the scene from the Hangover where Ed Helms steals Mike Tyson's tiger, but none of Anne's classmates had seen that movie yet. Kids today.

[Picture: Tiger Transportation]

The zoo had all kinds of other fun stuff, like an inflatable haunted house...

[Picture: Haunted House]

decorative scarecrows...

[Picture: Scarecrows!]

a haunted barn and petting zoo...

[Picture: Haunted petting zoo!]

and they even decorated the prairie dog exhibit.

[Picture: Haunted prairie dog exhibit!]

Which means the prairie dogs were haunted and possessed! Egads! Look at how creepy this prairie dog looks! It's pure evil!

[Picture: Haunted prairie dog!]

Thanks again to Anne's school for putting on this field trip! Looking forward to the next one.

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