Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Park Place

Good news for the Tanory clan: there's a new park right by our house! It's called Oak Grove Park, and it's on the corner of Airline and Highway 42.

Betty and I have been watching this park being built over the last few months, and we couldn't help ourselves but to take Anne and Peter on the day it opened.

This park has everything! It has slides...

Picture: Slides!

a spray park... (Annie didn't go into the spray park while the water was going, but she ran around after they shut the water off)

Picture: Spray park!

tunnels connecting slides to monkey bars...

Picture: Tunnels!

and giant, human-friendly grasshoppers!

Picture: Giant bugs!

Our park even has a little canopy so DaDas with their babies can hang out and watch their wives and kids run around the park.

Picture: Canopies with DaDas!

There's also a sand volleyball court. Fancy!

This park is courtesy of the people of Ascension parish's Recreation Committee and was proposed by parish councilman Chris Loar. Thanks to everyone involved for helping to make our community better!

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