Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Plane Pull

Saturday we went to the 2nd annual Plane Pull at the Baton Rouge airport. Now I don't know much about pulling planes, but I did know that I needed to wear gloves as otherwise I'd probably get some severe rope burns on my palms.

I told Anne that she could help me pull the plane, so she went and found some gloves to put on, too.

Picture: Anne gloves up

The Plane Pull was actually more of a festival. There was free parking, free admission, lots of games, a pretty rocking live band called the Bench Bar Boogie Band, ice cream, nice people working the booths, and best of all, inflatables for the kids. Once Anne caught a glimpse of the inflatables, she totally forgot about helping me pull the plane.

Picture: Anne loved the inflatables!

I thought I was tired after pulling on a 73 ton jet, but I briefly saw Betty running around after Anne - all while holding Peter - and I knew that I was outmatched. Betty always finds a way to one-up me!

Picture: Anne loved the inflatables! (Part 2)

There was even a NASCAR race car there. I did my sexiest pose to try to recruit fans for my team. I would have leaned farther over the hood and possibly put a leg up, but I didn't want to pull any muscles before the big event.

Picture: Sexy, kinda....

Before I went to go help my team in the Plane Pull, I yelled out for Anne and Pete to come and give me a good luck hug. Then all of a sudden I get a nice big hug from the Pelican State Credit Union mascot named Petey.

Picture: Anne and Petey

So Petey the Pelican gave me a big hug, but Pete was off playing in the games booths. I eventually found him trying to impress the ladies by pretending to be the pilot of the plane that I was about to pull.

Picture: Pete the Pilot!

So anyway, on to the Plane Pull!

Here is a picture of the plane that we were supposed to pull. I dubbed it Oceanic Flight 815.

Picture: Oceanic Flight 815-ish

The goal of the Plane Pull is to see how fast a group of 20 people can pull the plane 12 feet. Our team was the second group to go. The first group was the Southern University baseball team, and they did really well. They pulled the plane 12 feet in six seconds. And they did it while wearing cleats. Not too shabby!

We knew we had to pull our hardest in order to have a shot at beating Southern's time, so I tried to pump everyone up on our way out to the tarmac.

Picture: Ready to roll!

I won't lie, our team had some issues. We originally planned on lining up shortest to tallest, with the tallest guys in the back. Then we were going to line up with the girls in the front and the guys in the back. Eventually, we settled on just putting as many guys in any order as close to the front of the rope as we could. That way, the ladies behind us could watch how strong we are.

That was the plan, anyway.

Picture: Ready to pull...

Each team got two attempts to pull the plane. Our first attempt was something like 15 seconds. I think we even had extra helpers jump on the rope to assist us. Personally, I think someone put the brakes on the plane.

But our second time was much better - we pulled the plane 12 feet in 7.1 seconds. Not too shabby!

I haven't heard the results of the Plane Pull yet, but even if my team didn't place, I'm still very happy to have been a part of this great event. The purpose of the Plane Pull was to raise money for The Arc Baton Rouge, whose goals is to improve the quality of life for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families through advocacy services and support. Last year's event raised over $60,000. Hopefully this year raised even more money.

And if not, there's always a kinky picture of me leaning over a race car that I can probably get a few bucks for on eBay. Any takers?

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