Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Poster Children

I make t-shirts on Zazzle just to see if someone buys them, and my best-selling shirt by far is my Baby Daddy shirt. It does so well that I even made a Baby Grand-Daddy shirt.

Zazzle has a "Foto Friday" where they post pictures that customers send them. In return for a picture of me enjoying my product, I get a few bucks off of my next purchase. Foto Friday helps us Zazzlers advertise our products and hopefully get some sales, and it also helps Zazzle b/c we send the link out to all our friends or post it on our blogs, so Zazzle gets some extra web traffic.

I sent a picture to Zazzle of me, my dad and my father-in-law all wearing our Zazzle products on the night that Peter was born. That was a very special night, and I'm proud to broadcast the image of my new baby to the world, along with me in my Baby Daddy shirt and the Dads in their Grand Baby-Daddy shirts. (Peter's wearing his fashionable hospital blankets and cap.) I think it's safe to say that we rocked that hospital like nobody's business!

And we made top billing, as we should have! Check us out! We're the new poster children for Zazzle, at least until next week's Foto Friday!

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