Monday, November 01, 2010

My Addiction to Fantasy Football

After eight long weeks I finally have my first Fantasy Football win. The goal now is to win the next six games and go 7 - 7, and hopefully have a shot at making it to my league's playoffs, which are the last two weeks of the regular NFL season.

Of course, Betty would rather me lose a few more games just to make sure that there's no way that I'll even have the slightest chance of getting to play Fantasy Football for two more weeks. She hates that I'm always on the computer or on my iPhone changing my fantasy team. And she hates that I know how many yards Darren McFadden had this year (for both rushing attempts as well as catches) or how many projected points Drew Brees has for next week's game against the Panthers.

But the truth is that I can't help it. I'm addicted to Fantasy Football.

Each week I get excited about finally beating someone in Fantasy Football, watch all the games, track the stats on my iPhone app or on Yahoo's Fantasy Football page, and each week I'm generally let down with a loss. But that never deterred me from playing. It only made me want to win more. And getting a taste of victory this week was satisfying - but now I want more, more, more!

Fantasy Football is not like a regular addiction, like drugs, gambling or cigarettes. But I know that it's an addiction, because I get withdrawals if I don't check for available players every day or so. I don't start shaking or sweating, but I do check Yahoo! news much more often when I'm not playing Fantasy Football.

My Sirius / XM Satellite Radio is not helping in my addiction either, as all I listen to is Adam Schein and Rich Gannon on the Sirius Blitz (channel 124 on Sirius) and they always have great insight into what's going in the football world that week.

(By the way, I just started following Adam Schein and Sirius NFL Radio on Twitter just now, in case I need a quick fix of some football talk between now and the time I finish writing this blog post.)

I desperately need something to break my cycle of dependence on Fantasy Football. Anybody playing Fantasy Basketball and need an extra player? I might even be willing to play Fantasy Hockey, if it's a slow news day on Yahoo! news.


bwallace said...

Be careful with playoffs being the last two weeks of the NFL regular season. The best players on the best teams will be sitting out if they have their NFL playoff spots locked up.

We found that out the hard way in the first year of my league. Now are champrionship is like week 14 or 15

Bobby said...

Great point! Thanks for the tip!