Monday, December 06, 2010

Birthday Pizza: Oscar's or BJ's?

My birthday is this Sunday, so Betty suggested that we go eat pizza somewhere. She thought it would be fun to go to one of our new favorite pizza places, Oscar's, which also has a huge ice cream parlor. Pizza for me, ice cream for the kids - what's not to like?

But then I suggested BJ's, which is a pizza place by the Mall of Louisiana.

Betty was OK with that, but wanted to know why. "Why BJ's?" Is it because I like BJ's pizza better than Oscar's? Is it because it's by the mall and maybe I can swing by there after dinner and pick up a few last minute Christmas items? Is it because there was a BJ's in Lafayette that had the same name but was a different restaurant? Inquiring minds want to know!

No. It's purely for blogging purposes.

I've been giggling about it all week, and when Betty finally snapped and asked me what I was laughing to myself about, I told her:

I want to go to BJ's on my birthday so that I can say that I had Birthday BJ's!

Betty didn't think that was very funny. I guess you can say it was anticlimactic.

Birthday Oscar's will have to do. It will be just as tasty (or more!) than BJ's, but surely not as much fun to say.

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