Sunday, December 05, 2010

Curious Georges

Betty's been wanting to go to the Baton Rouge Farmer's Market downtown for some time now, but it took a visit from Curious George to actually make us get up and go.

Curious George went to the farmer's market on Saturday to help raise money for Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB), and since Annie looooves Curious George we just had to go see him. Plus, we watch LPB all the time, so we felt like it was worth the $5 donation to take a picture with him. We ended up joining the Kid's Club so Anne's name gets to scroll across the screen on her birthday.

Also, since we dressed Pete up as Curious George for Halloween, we thought it would be fun to dress him up again. We knew that would be a big hit!

[Picture: The Two Curious Georges!]

Anne was afraid of the "big Curious George" (but not afraid of the little Curious George dolls). She also didn't seem to like it when I picked her up and flung her in Curious George's face. She was thrashing and screaming. But when she finally got face to face with him, she gave him a huge smile, said hi, and blew him some kisses. Then she sat still long enough for us to get in this family pic:

[Picture: Monkeying around!]

I guess you can say we were just monkeying around at the farmer's market, yuck yuck!

The Farmer's Market rocked! Seriously, we need to go more often. We bought some muffaletta bread from one lady, got some milk from a creamery, and got gelatos from our friends at Latte e Miele, who were putting their Gelato Truck to good use. We petted some puppies, looked at some cute little kittens, and Anne did an art project to make an ornament for our tree. It was a lot of fun.

We can't wait for the next cartoon character to come to Baton Rouge so that we can dress up again!

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