Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

Every year I like to create a list of New Year's Resolutions, then time myself on how fast I can break them.

Earlier this year I made a resolution to get in better shape. I joined a gym and actually went a few times a week for thirty minutes or so, until my son was born at which point I didn't have time to sleep much less work out. I also started running, but stopped after my body went into shock after realizing it was moving more than 2 mph by way of my feet.

I also had a resolution to not procrastinate. But I waited so long to get started on that one, that by the time I started thinking about it again, I just decided to wait until next year.

I always think about eating better. This year I severely limited my intake of red meat, and also started eating the veggie sandwich instead of the Chimes Club when we go eat at the Chimes. The "Veggie" is a bunch of veggies on a croissant, so it's debatable how healthy it actually is. And Betty enjoys eating red meat, so my new diet keeps her from cooking the things that she wants to cook. So next year I might go back to ripping the flesh off of living creatures as they saunter by me along the dark back roads by my house.

This year I promised to not spend so much time on the computer. Technically I actually met this resolution, since I spent 1500% more time on my iPhone than I did on the computer. Nobody said anything about spending time on the phone!

Next year I plan on learning to play the piano. I don't anticipate becoming a pro or anything, but I want to learn a few more chords and maybe even get my left hand to play different notes than my right hand.

I plan on reading more next year. I've basically stopped reading ever since I got my big screen TV. (But I've watched a ton of movies and TV shows on NetFlix!) I want to at least finish up the books that my family got me for Christmas, two Christmases ago.

I plan on learning to create XBox games to go along with my new XBox. (Thanks, Santa!) I've already installed the XNA Game Studio. Now all I need is a little free time and some creative ideas. Maybe I'll make an iPhone application.

I plan on spending more time with my family. My kids are little - I'll never get this time back with them. I love spending time with my wife, but barely ever see her because I work late and she goes to bed early. Maybe I'll have a few three day weekends next year, just so we can go out and have some fun.

And finally, I plan on trying to attain some of my lifelong dreams. How do you know if you'll ever be an astronaut, a professional football player or a Disney Imagineer if you never try? I might never be any of those, but there's only way to know for sure.

So now that you know what my New Year's Resolutions are, care to share any of yours?

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