Friday, February 18, 2011

Tramp Stamps

A lot of girls my age have what we like to call Tramp Stamps. Tramp Stamps are tattoos that girls get on their lower backs.

It took me a while to figure out why so many girls my age have these tramp stamps, but why many older women and most younger ladies do not. But I finally have the answer:

I blame "My Little Pony."

The My Little Pony toys hit their peak of popularity when I was a kid. Therefore most girls my age are familiar with them. And according to Wikipedia, the My Little Pony ponies can be identified by "a unique symbol or series of symbols on one or both sides of their haunches." Thus, the inception of tattooing something unique on your lower back.

Wikipedia goes onto say, "Accordingly, the ponies are named after the symbols on their haunches." Likewise, life imitates art, and we've dubbed these tattoos "Tramp Stamps".

Think that Hasbro's marketing didn't really ingrain the idea of a tramp stamp in little girls' minds? Then how do you explain the fact that most guys my age grew up with Hasbro's other popular toy line, Battle Beasts, and that most men my age are half-human, half-animal hybrids who wear armor, wield weapons and have a sticker on our chests that change color when you apply body heat? (Or is that just me?!?)

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