Monday, March 07, 2011

Bubble Pop!

In order to get my daughter out of the tub at nights, we have to get her to pretend that she's a princess or a My Little Pony or something similar. Only then will she willingly get out of the tub, get wrapped up in a towel, and go get dressed for bed.

Some nights she wants to be a baby, and I have to wrap her up in a towel, hold her like a baby, and bring her to see her mommy. Some nights she's Belle and I'm the Beast, and we dance from the bathroom to the living room, where Mommy has her nighttime pullup waiting. Some nights we're both dinosaurs, and we hunch over as we walk on our tippy toes out to the living room to roar at Mommy and brother.

But last week she didn't want to be a princess or a pony. She didn't want to be a dinosaur or a baby.

She wanted to be a Bubble Pop.

"A bubble pop?" I asked, trying to confirm what she said.

"Yeah! A bubble POP!" she squealed.

"A bubble pop?" I asked again - not actually understanding what she was saying.

"Bubble POP! Bubble POP!"

"You mean, like, when you blow a bubble and then it pops?" I asked, scratching my head with the towel I had gotten out for her.

She made a big circle out her arms to make a big bubble, then spread them wide to indicate the pop. "Bubble POP!"

I'm a pretty imaginative guy, but I didn't know how to pretend to be a bubble pop. I think my daughter has out-pretended me. So I picked her up, wrapped her in a towel, and picked her up so that she could float out the bathroom and into the living room like a big bubble, where she then spread her arms and yelled, "POP!"

Who knew a bubble pop was a noun? Now we know!

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