Thursday, March 03, 2011

Happy Birthday, Betty!

Today is the birthday of my wife (and muse, and baby mama), Betty!

Betty is the best little mommy ever! She does so much for us. Just take a look at some of her most recent Mom projects:

As event manager for the Tanory household, she booked tickets to Pinkalicious, got everyone's outfit coordinated for the event, and made sure that everyone was thoroughly versed in the Pinkalicious universe before the show.

[Picture: The birthday girl with her baby girl!]

As the main sponsor of the weekly Tanory NASCAR event in our driveway, Betty oversaw the racing of two high-speed automobiles. She was the pit crew in charge of maintenance of both teams' vehicles, and also was the caterer for both cars' teams.

[Picture: Off to the races!]

As chief life-sciences professor at Tanory University, Betty brought our two kids into the wild to see a real life monkey in action.

[Picture: Monkeying around!]

Santa was sure to stop at our house, as Betty not only had a large runway installed at the top of our house for Santa's reindeer to land, but she also wrote several letters to Santa lobbying for both Anne and Peter to get lots of loot.

[Picture: Christmas pic!]

As arguably the most fun person in our family, Betty makes sure that we fit some fun food choices into our day in between all the fruits and veggies.

[Picture: Snack time!]

Doing fun stuff with the kids? That's Betty's specialty!

[Picture: More smores please!]

I could go on forever! So I'll just say this:

Betty, thank you for sharing your birthday with me and the kids. Thank you for sharing every day with us! We are so blessed to have you in our lives! You make every experience better - and we wouldn't have most of our experiences without you, since you make sure that we're always doing something new, fun and exciting.

You are the greatest! And we hope that we make your day today great!

We love you!

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