Monday, April 04, 2011

Disney Trip, Day 2

There's nothing quite like walking into the Magic Kingdom in Disney World and seeing Cinderella's castle off in the distance... especially if you're a 2-year-and-51 week-old girl.

[Pic: Anne's first glimpse at the castle]

Seeing the look on Anne's face when she first saw the castle was worth the trip alone. Walking into the Magic Kingdom is also my favorite part of Disney. I feel like a kid again when I step into Disney World!

We had park hoppers, so we spent Sunday morning at Magic Kingdom and the afternoon at Epcot. Going into this trip we didn't know what to expect from Annie, and we thought she would love the rides and be afraid of the characters. But we had it backwards: she LOVED the characters, and hated any ride that involved loud noises or darkness - which was most of them. For example, she hated the Winnie the Pooh and Peter Pan rides, and loved Dumbo and Aladdin's Flying Carpets. She also loved It's a Small World, which we rode three times.

We got "Surprise Fast Passes" for Mickey's Philharmagic when we got our Fast Passes for the Winnie the Pooh ride. And although Betty and I love the Philharmagic, it was too loud for Anne. She covered her ears and screamed, so we had to take her out.

[Pic: Going into the Philharmagic]

So my mom bought her some princess earphones which we were hoping to use as ear muffs. (Anne wore then for five minutes then took them off.)

[Pic: Anne's headphones]

The first character that we met in Disney was Pinocchio, whom my daughter calls "Nochi Nochi". We've never watched Pinocchio with her, but she knows who he is from some of our books. I thanked Nochi Nochi for the picture, then gave him a pat on the back while I instructed him to tell lots of lies around women so that he'd be popular with them, if you know what I mean.

[Pic: Our first character - Nochi Nochi!]

We got the Disney meal plan, which I recommend to anyone going to Disney. And after scaring our child silly by forcing her onto several dark and scary rides, we went to eat at Pinnochio's Village Haus, which is right by Small World. The meal plan is great, because with each meal you get an entree, a side item, a drink and a dessert. It was too much food for a single person to eat, so Betty and I shared our meal, then gave the dessert to Anne since that's all she would eat anyway.

[Pic: Yum yum!]

Then we went home and napped. When we woke up, it was time for Epcot.

The International Flower and Garden Show was going on in Epcot, so we got to see a lot of our favorite characters in topiary form. We saw Mickey, Minnie and Pluto (shown below), Pooh, Tigger and Rabbit...

[Pic: Disney Topiaries]

Peter Pan fighting Hook, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and even Lightning McQueen from Cars!

[Pic: Lightning McQueen!]

We also got to meet Duffy, who is a Teddy Bear that Mickey brings with him when he goes on trips. We didn't know who Duffy was, but Annie sure seemed to love him!

[Pic: Duffy!]

But Anne's favorite things to do in Epcot were to pick up sticks, pick up leaves and pretend to paint with them, and most of all, chase birds and squirrels. She chased a duck in the World Showcase from France to Germany!

[Pic: Duck!]

Everyone around her smiled and laughed as she smiled and laughed, and of course scared the duck half silly. We saw lots of ducks that looked just like this one - they might have even been the same duck! - and every time it looked at Anne and just took off waddling!

As for Peter, he and I were tired out from our long day at the two parks. Peter didn't sleep well in his Pack N Play for the first two nights, so he slept on top of me Saturday night and alongside me Sunday night. We generally never let him in the bed with us, but we made an exception from 4 am - 6 am Sunday morning.

[Pic: Sleeping beauties]

More Epcot pics to come on Day 3!

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