Friday, April 08, 2011

Disney Trip, Day 5

Day 5 in Disney was our Hollywood Studios Day.

When we first entered Hollywood Studios we saw Tigger and Pooh, but they were leaving just as we walked up. A Disney "cast member" there told us that Tigger and Pooh would be coming out as part of a parade, so we - like good Mardi Gras'ers - lined up along the parade route and starting flashing people as they walked by.

(Actually, I was the only one flashing. I also started selling Bloody Mary's out of my backpack. Mardi Gras has trained me well!)

We made a tactical mistake while waiting for the parade to start by sending my dad to go get Fast Passes for the Toy Story ride. He tried to go above and beyond the call of duty by not only getting Fast Passes for Toy Story, but also to the Rockin' Rollercoaster and Tower of Terror. But since you can only get one Fast Pass per person per hour, all of the Fast Passes he got - except for the first two - were unusable. All of his hard work was for nothing!

And while he was wondering around the park in search of more Fast Pass kiosks, we were stuck watching this:

The Disney Channel Dancers.

[Pic: Make the madness stop!]

As you can tell, those dancers are not Tigger and Pooh - which is who we were waiting for. Anne thought it was too loud, I was bored, and Betty was disappointed that we didn't see Pooh Bear. So we escaped the parade and headed to the Playhouse Disney / Disney Junior show. My dad met us just in time for the show to start. (He had collected a record eight set of Fast Passes by this point.)

After Playhouse Disney, we had lunch with Special Agent Oso, Leo and June from Little Einsteins, and Handy Manny. It was a great experience... Anne loved all of the characters. She even gave Handy Manny a big smooch on his cheek!

[Pic: Oso special!]

When we left the character meal, we were tickled to find the Disney Channel Dancers back out on the parade route. Apparently they have a parade every hour on the hour. We ended up seeing them dancing several more times during the day, and each time we saw them we reminded each other to not let my dad out of our sights. It became the running joke of the day.

After lunch we had a snack, courtesy of our meal plan. Betty got a huge cupcake, Anne got a bunny cookie, and I got a carrot cake cookie - which was two thin slices of carrot cake with cream cheese icing in the middle. Betty's looked the best, but mine tested the best!

[Pic: Snack attack!]

Our snack gave us the energy needed to play in the "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" area. Anne had a great time playing in a giant spider web / slide. She also rode on a giant ant!

[Pic: Yeeehaw!]

The weather forecast said that it was supposed to thunderstorm around three, so at two we decided to leave the park. On the way out, I took this picture of a trash can:

[Pic: Waste, please!]

Despite all of the efforts to recycle, reuse and conserve resources, these trash cans were practically begging us to waste! I complied by throwing away all of our extra, unusable Fast Pass tickets.

After a long day at Hollywood Studios, we ended up giving our only valid Fast Pass tickets (to the famed Toy Story ride) away to a family of four who was going to try to brave the weather. We hoped they enjoyed the ride. My dad worked hard for those tickets!

Next up, Animal Kingdom!

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