Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dry Cleaning Self Storage

The dry cleaners called us this week to remind us to pick up a suit that they've been holding for us since August. At first I was embarrassed, until I realized that the total cost for them to dry clean and then hold my suit for eight months was only $9.

This got me thinking: if I ever needed to store all of my clothes somewhere for an extended period of time, I would just opt to bring all of my clothes to the dry cleaners instead of putting everything in self storage.

A simple cost-benefit analysis puts things into perspective. If I rented climate controlled self-storage from any place in Baton Rouge, I could get the first month for $1 at practically any place I chose (plus $30 in "Move In" costs), and then pay anywhere from $25 to $100 a month for storage depending on the size of the storage space. Let's say that I would need the $100 rate, due to inflation.

$131 doesn't sound too bad if I wanted to store all of my clothes somewhere for a month. But as each month goes by, the bills would continue to add up. Whereas, if I had invested that money in putting my clothes in the dry cleaners, it would be a one-time fee of probably several hundred dollars to store all of our clothes (assuming we had a good "Dry clean 5 get 1 free deal" or something).

Several hundred bucks seems like lot a lot of money, but I could keep our clothes in there for as long as I wanted for the same price without ever having to pay anything else. Plus, when I finally got my clothes from the dry cleaners, they would be clean and pressed, and ready to be worn.

So what if I wouldn't have any clothes to wear while my clothes are in storage? I enjoy being naked. Other people don't particularly like it, but that's their problem. It gets hot down here in Louisiana... I need all the drafts that I can get.

And sure, the girl at the check-out counter would look at me like I'm an idiot when I go to pick up my clothes, but she does that anyway. And assuming that I have a reward card with the dry cleaners, I would have just racked up enough reward points to then store all of Betty's clothes FOR FREE.

Who's laughing now? Me, the naked guy with all of his clothes stored away at the dry cleaners. Booyah!

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