Monday, May 30, 2011

Cake Apocalypse

My son Peter recently turned one, and the best way to describe how he ate his cake would be a term that my broseph-in-law Danny coined:

Cake apocalypse!

[Picture: Cake apocalypse!]

Here's what the cake looked like originally. Betty made this for Peter, and she made a bigger version of it for the guests.

[Picture: The cake before it was eaten]

Here's it being placed in front of Peter, just so you can see the cake-to-human ratio. It's literally half his size.

[Picture: Cake-to-human ratio]

Here's his first grab at the cake. Notice how he has his entire hand on the cake.

[Picture: First cake grab!]

As opposed to my daughter Anne, whose first touch of cake was literally a touch of her finger. And she didn't eat much more than that. You can tell by her face in this next picture that she wasn't really sure what to do with the cake. As our first child, we sort of sheltered her from all the sugary treats that first year of life.

[Picture: Anne's first cake encounter.]

Not so with Peter! He knew just what to do. Here's a picture of the cake literally two minutes after his first grab. It's like a scene from NCIS.

[Picture: The cake is dead!]

In case you were wondering - since we were - no, he did not drop much on the ground or spill a lot down his shirt. He ate all the whole damn thing.

Peter's approach to eating his cake is called "Shock and Awe." He shocked us by digging in with both hands, and awed us with his ability to eat anything and everything without getting full. He's a bottomless pit! Yet he's only in the fifth percentile for weight. Maybe eating an entire birthday cake will get him into at least the tenth percentile.

[Picture: Omnomnomnom!]

As you can see in this next picture, there is hardly anything left of the original cake. If you hadn't known that it was originally in the shape of a one then you wouldn't be able to tell me. We had to take the cake away from him while he was washing some icing down with his milk, as we thought he would go into sugar shock.

[Picture: Refreshing!]

We might not have had the rapture on May 21st, but this cake met its maker on May 28th.

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