Sunday, May 22, 2011

Peter the Great

My son, Peter, turned one today!

He's a big boy now, so we let him get his driver's permit. We figured he's gotta learn sometime! My parents got him his first set of wheels, and he drove his shiny new red sportster all over the house - stopping for nobody! Books, toys, people... anything that was in his way got squashed. He knows how to "go", but he hasn't mastered turning the steering wheel yet. And the few times he did use the wheel he did not use his blinkers.

He's clearly already a Baton Rouge driver.

[Picture: Peter in his new car]

We were able to capture lots of great pictures of him enjoying his birthday because we bought a new camera as a birthday present to ourselves. Actually, our old camera died Friday night, so we did what any practical parents would do and freaked out, did minimal research online and then sped to Best Buy to make sure we had something for his first birthday. The camera we wanted wasn't in stock, so we bought something else - and will probably take it back, because a lot of the pictures we've taken have been blurry. At least we had something for his birthday.

After Peter crashed his car into a pile of toys, we told him the story of his birth: how after watching two episodes of Lost, Mommy started having contractions five minutes apart - and once three minutes apart - and so we called the hospital. The on-call doctor called us back and said for us to meet him at the hospital, but he showed up 45 minutes after we did, and that's after it took us 30 minutes to go there. (He overslept. Otherwise, Peter's birthday might be 5/21.) We told him about how I almost got in a fight with the security guard at the hospital because I was annoyed with him because he was taking his sweet time getting Mommy a wheel chair to roll her into the hospital.

We told him how he was almost born in the van on the way to the hospital because I hit every red light... how we didn't know if he was going to be a boy or a girl and that we were thinking up girl names between each of Mommy's contractions... and how we forgot to pack the camera and Pops had to bring it from our house.

Hey... camera problems two years in a row, almost a year to the date from each problem?! I think it's a conspiracy!

The good news is, we haven't had camera problems in between his zeroth and first birthdays, so have taken lots of pictures of him in the last year. You can check him out at his own web site, Pete of the Day.

Happy birthday, Peter! I love you!

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