Thursday, July 14, 2011

That's "Mr." Basic ProSeller To You!

It's a sad day for the universe. Today I became a Basic ProSeller on the Zazzle site.

[Zazzle ProSeller logo]

There are various levels of ProSeller status, but to be a Basic ProSeller, you have to make more than $100 in lifetime earnings from the site. I've sold 109 shirts for a lifetime earning of over $200 - which isn't bad considering how awful my shirts are. But it does raise the question of why I haven't been a ProSeller before now. It also raises the question of: who would buy one of my shirts??? (Besides the 20 that I've bought, plus the friends and family who've I've guilt-tripped into buying shirts, of course.)

I say that it's a sad day because it means that somebody, somewhere, is buying shirts like this:

Baby Daddy shirt

or this:

My shirt speaks for me because... shirt

or, quite possibly, even this:

Suducku! shirt

And if the people who buy my shirts are anything like me, then my shirts are all that they're wearing... other than socks and a smile. Hey, I gotta be me!

In addition to shirts, Zazzle now allows people to design stamps, shoes, skateboards, ties, hats, bumper stickers... the possibilities are endless for a deranged mind such as myself. So who knows, maybe one day soon I'll be a Zazzle Diamond ProSeller with sales of over $500,000! (But hopefully, people will come to their senses way before that!)

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